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:: Wedding Consultation
Since our formation in 1998, Perfect Events Music is proud to have worked with our clients in the preparation of nearly six-hundred different wedding events including rehearsal dinners, ceremonies and receptions. 

Successfully assisting couples in the planning of their festivities demands a thorough knowledge of the intricacies of ceremony form, music selection and technical matters.  Years of experience, paired with our extensive network of professional musicians, allows Perfect Events Music to offer  unparalleled service and peace of mind to our clients as they progress through the wedding planning process.


Just as music is an integral part of our lives, music is one of the most important aspects of your wedding.  Perfect Events Music will assist you in selecting soloists or larger groups for your engagement party rehearsal dinner, wedding ceremony and reception.  

Engagement Parties can be elegant and intimate or larger and more casual.  For the former, consider background music provided by a classical duo, harpist or solo pianist.  If you are seeking a more casual feel,  consider a "one-man" band, acoustic guitarist/vocalist or pop trio.

Rehearsal Dinners can vary widely.  You may opt for an outdoor barbeque complete with a bluegrass band,  or decide upon a seated dinner with a classical guitarist or jazz duo.   As you plan your rehearsal dinner, you'll want to keep in mind the entertainment plans for the actual wedding reception.  Hopefully, you'll have contrasting approaches that pleasantly complement each other.  Naturally, you won't want to duplicate the two evenings.

Wedding Ceremonies may be set on the beach, in a cathedral or in a small chapel or private home.  The site of your ceremony will make a difference in which musicians to choose.  Organists, String Ensembles,  our Dolce Duo, guitarists and harpists are all popular choices.  Perfect Events Music can guide you through the various options.  Typically, you will want someone to provide Prelude Music starting twenty or thirty minutes prior to your ceremony start time.  Then, you will need music for your various processionals (entry of the family, the bridal party, the bride), recessional and postlude music.  Don't forget to consider musical selections within the ceremony such as mediations, vocal solos, and musical prayers.

Wedding Receptions offer opportunities for a wide range of entertainment options. You may wish for a large dance band that interacts with your guests or you may prefer the elegant ambience of a classical ensemble or jazz combo.    Perfect Events Music can provide you these musicians and many others. 

Wedding Coordinators can make a huge difference on your special day.  If you are planning a ceremony with a guest list of more than thirty we highly recommend that you retain a wedding coordinator.  Hire a coordinator as soon after your engagement as possible on and make use of their planning expertise.  A good coordinator is well worth the expense.  Perfect Events Music has worked with many different coordinators over the years and can offer you referrals.

Outdoor Weddings are among the most beautiful!  However, it can be tricky dealing with Mother Nature.  Have a back-up plan in case of inclement weather.  And, please consider your guests and musicians when planning an outdoor summer wedding in the South.  High daytime temperatures and humidity can be quite uncomfortable, even dangerous.  Cooler temperatures can have your bridal party and guests shivering and can make it extremely difficult to perform on a musical instrument.  If you're considering an outdoor wedding, ask us about it...we'll share our experiences with you and tell you what works and what doesn't!